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The untold story of how the world's most feared TV reporter transformed his inner darkness into a...

The Man Behind the Mike

Mike Tucker -- the voice of equestranism

Quiller (2018)

Mike Tucker was born into a life of farming and horses. His passion and hard work enabled him to...

Greater Gotham

A History of New York City from 1898 to 1919


Volume two of the world famous trilogy on the history of New York

Una mirada a nuestro mundo 50 años en el futuro

60 Of The World's Greatest Minds Share Their Visions of the Next Half-Century

Grupo Nelson (2008)

El mundo es un lugar incierto, por eso es que el futuro y lo desconocido nos fascinan...


This guide to critical reading and self-critical writing is a must-have resource for postgraduate...


` In Learning to Read Critically in Educational Leadership and Management , Mike Wallace and Louise...

Heat and Light

Advice for the Next Generation of Journalists


In Heat & Light, a legendary journalist and a journalism professor join forces to offer a...


Become skilled and confident at critical reading and writing, developing a more thorough critical...


This book combines a teaching text with exemplary reports of research and a literature review by...

How You Can Survive When They're Depressed

Living and Coping with Depression Fallout

Each year more than 17 million Americans suffer from a depressive illness, yet few suffer in...