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Managing Crisis

Intended for managers working within UK Higher Education Policy, this book contains a series of...

Higher Education Management: The Key Elements

The management of higher education institutions is very complex. This book presents an account of...

Mobile Web Design For Dummies
Wiley (2010)

The perfect place to learn how to design Web sites for mobile devices! With the popularity of...

Social Media Design For Dummies
Wiley (2014)

Learn to design professional and effective social media profiles! Whether you're trying to...

Caboose Mystery

A trip in a caboose at the end of a freight train leads to an old clown and a search.

Snowbound Mystery

A freak snowstorm isolates the Aldens in a mountain cabin where they discover a coded message.

Tree House Mystery

From a high perch Benny discovers a clue to a hidden room with contents that surprise everyone.

Bicycle Mystery

Many complications follow when a dog attaches himself to the Aldens on a bicycle trip.

Mystery in the Sand

Living in a seaside mobile home, the Aldens unravel the secret of two secluded women.

Mystery Behind the Wall

The Aldens find a mystery when a visitor comes. Who put the coins in a hiding place behind the wall?