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A Princess of the Chameln

When her royal parents are killed during a coup, Princess Aidris Am Firn of the Chameln flees for...

Yorath the Wolf

Yorath, the son of a royal prince, was born with a deformity that marks him for death. The court...

The Summer's King

Tradition demands that King Sharn Am Zor conduct himself with all the pomp and circumstance...

The Luck of Brin's Five: Book 1 of the Torin Trilogy

The Luck of Brin's Five

Book 1 of the Torin Trilogy


When a flaming object from space lands in the lake near the home of Brin’s Five, the last thing the...

The Wanderer

Cherry Wilder's The Rulers of Hylor series established a detailed and intricate fantasy world. ...