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Tricky Raven Tales: Book 4

Raven is cold and hungry. Can she trick her cousin Crow into feeding her snacks? Or can she sneak...

Attack of the Mutant Meteors: Book 14

Mysterious meteors are making massive mayhem! You could end up as small as a bug or trapped on...

Nightmare on Zombie Island: Book 5

Legend says no one can escape the curse of Zombie Island—will you be the first? Every Twisted...

Captured by Pirates: Book 1

Match your wits against a band of pirates on the high seas and try to defeat them—or join them!...

A Spider’s Web: Problems in Regulatory Biology

A Spider’s Web

Problems in Regulatory Biology


"Gradually, a faint brightness appeared in the east, and the air, which had been very warm through...

Human Resource Management: The Public Service Perspective

Human Resource Management

The Public Service Perspective


Sound HRM practices matter—they are a sine qua non of effective governance in democratic...

Mathematics of DNA Structure, Function and Interactions

Propelled by the success of the sequencing of the human and many related genomes, molecular and...

In/visible War: The Culture of War in Twenty-first-Century America

In/visible War

The Culture of War in Twenty-first-Century America


In/Visible War addresses a paradox of twenty-first century American warfare. The editors examine...

Complexity and Evolution: Toward a New Synthesis for Economics

Complexity and Evolution

Toward a New Synthesis for Economics

David S. Wilson, Alan Kirman and 40 more...
The MIT Press (2016)

An exploration of how approaches that draw on evolutionary theory and complexity science can advance...