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Motivation: A Biobehavioural Approach


A Biobehavioural Approach


This book presents an analysis of motivated behaviour from a biological perspective.

Lecture Notes on Applied Analysis

There are several subjects in analysis that are frequently used in applied mathematics, theoretical...

Special Functions: A Graduate Text

A unifying approach suitable for graduate students and mathematicians. It will serve as a textbook...

Special Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials

A comprehensive graduate-level introduction to classical and contemporary aspects of special...

Differential Equations And Asymptotic Theory In Mathematical Physics

This lecture notes volume encompasses four indispensable mini courses delivered at Wuhan University...

Special Functions: Proceedings of the International Workshop

Special Functions

Proceedings of the International Workshop

Charles Dunki, Mourad Ismail and 1 more...

Special functions and q-series are currently very active areas of research which overlap with many...

Bacteriophage Applications - Historical Perspective and Future Potential

This book explores key applications of phage biotechnology and reviews recent advances in phage...