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Ethics in the Virtual World

The Morality and Psychology of Gaming


Ethics in the Virtual World examines the gamer's enactment of taboo activities in the context of...

Resolving the Gamer’s Dilemma

Examining the Moral and Psychological Differences between Virtual Murder and Virtual Paedophilia

This book explores the gamer’s dilemma, which lies at the heart of theorising about the morality of...

Transcending Taboos

A Moral and Psychological Examination of Cyberspace


Cyberspace is composed of a multitude of different spaces where users can represent themselves in...


Stephen Rice is a cereal superfan. So when his supply of Cracklewheat, Corncrunch, Toastyoats and...


As Specky battles it out in the state carnival for a chance to play on the hallowed MCG turf, back...


The Study of Individuals, Society and Digital Technologies

Wiley (2016)

An important new BPS Textbook in Psychology exploring the interactions between individuals,...