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Pastors, stewardship committee members, and laypersons with short stories and ideas about the...

John Wesley on Christian Beliefs, Volume 1

The Standard Sermons in Modern English Volume: 1, 1 -20


This text is a classic by one of America's most widely respected New Testament scholars. It provides...

Pastoral Care

An Essential Guide


The essentials of pastoral care involve the pastor's distinctive task of caring for those who are...


Learn how to use your God-given gifts this Christmas.

Just what you need to begin the journey toward a sermon!


Abingdon Press is the first to offer the popular New Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible in...

75 Ways to Keep Your Brain Fit

75 Ways to Keep Your Brain Fit


Barbara Bruce provides 75 ways to keep our brains fit and reasons for doing so. She includes "Brain...


Thirteen talented male writers reflect on key themes of interest to today’s Christian men:...

Exclusion & Embrace

A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation


Life at the end of the twentieth century presents us with a disturbing reality. Otherness, the...


Two eminent theologians,William H. Willimon and Stanley Hauerwas, dissect the Lord's Prayer phrase...