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25 Role Plays For To Teach Negotiation
HRD Press (2003)

This collection of activities, self-assessments, and exercises is especially useful as a resource to...

The Managers Pocket Guide to Systems Thinking
HRD Press (1998)

Systems Thinking is a more natural and better way to think, learn, act, and achieve desired results....

The Managers Pocket Guide to Project Management
HRD Press (1997)

Download Worksheet Masters in PDF format. If you want a concise distillation of all the essential...

50 Activities To Teach Negotiation
HRD Press (1996)

This book contains a variety of fully reproducible exercises to teach and reinforce the skills...

Managing Generation Y
HRD Press (2001)

Here they come: the fourteenth generation of Americans. Self-confident and optimistic. Independent...

Managing the Generation Mix: From Urgency to Opportunity

Managing the Generation Mix

From Urgency to Opportunity

HRD Press (2006)

Roll up your sleeves and learn how to be a great "Gen Mix" manager. Managing the...

Survival Writing for Business
HRD Press (2005)

To write well, you need to keep it clear and concise. But for many who struggle with writing...

The Managers Pocket Guide to Effective Meetings
HRD Press (1998)

Learn easy, proven techniques that keep you in control of your meetings. This complete guide to...

Performance Management
HRD Press (2007)

Learn how to design and implement a performance feedback program that will help employees take...

The Art of Helping
HRD Press (2010)

This is the ninth edition of The Art of Helping. More than 500,000 copies have been sold over three...