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How Children Learn: From Montessori to Vygosky - Educational Theories and Approaches Made Easy

How Children Learn

From Montessori to Vygosky - Educational Theories and Approaches Made Easy

Andrews UK (2012)

An unrivalled introduction to the pioneers of educational theory that you won't be able to get...

Military Rule
Andrews UK (2012)

America has secured its place as the world’s superpower, with total control of the Middle East...

The Symbolism of Freemasonry
Andrews UK (2010)

This fascinating book explains to the reader the multitude of symbolism present in Freemasonry, and...

A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson
Andrews UK (2012)

A fantastic eye-witness account of the first four years of the Australian settlement that became...

Secret Confessions of a High-Priced Call Girl
Andrews UK (2010)

Being a call girl isn't really about the money and the sex - it's about the excitement and...

50 Quick Cleaning Tips
Andrews UK (2011)

Contained within this book are 50 quick and easy common-sense tips to help you clean your home and...

The History of Rome
Andrews UK (2010)

This detailed history of Rome covers from the earliest times (including the foundation of the city)...

The History of London
Andrews UK (2010)

This fascinating biography of one of the world's most famous cities was originally published in...

Queen Victoria
Andrews UK (2010)

This book, a contemporary account from the time, chronicles the life of Queen Victoria (1819 to...

The Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome
Andrews UK (2011)

This excellent eBook gives the reader a knowledge of a huge number of myths and legends of the...