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Stimulating, succinct and accessible, the fully revised and updated fourth edition of this highly...

Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives

Abnormal Psychology

Contrasting Perspectives


This groundbreaking core textbook offers a comprehensive overview of different approaches to the...

The third edition of this successful textbook introduces students to behavioral economics. Offers a...

Making Sense of Statistics: A Non-Mathematical Approach

Making Sense of Statistics

A Non-Mathematical Approach


Making Sense of Statistics provides a thorough, but accessible, introduction to statistics and...

Issues, Debates and Approaches in Psychology

From where did the discipline of psychology originate? How has it evolved since its inception? These...

Managing People in Organizations

This new and engaging core textbook offers a unique line manager perspective that presents students...

Introduction to International Relations: Perspectives, Connections, and Enduring Questions

Introduction to International Relations

Perspectives, Connections, and Enduring Questions


The hotly awaited second edition of this bestselling introductory textbook provides a truly...

Strategic Management

Reflecting the challenges of formulating, implementing and monitoring strategy in practice, White's...

The Ottoman Empire, 1300-1650: The Structure of Power

This highly-praised and authoritative account surveys the history of the Ottoman Empire from its...

Understanding International Relations

The fifth edition of this bestselling textbook offers a comprehensive and engaging introduction to...