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Critical Race Theory in Education: All God's Children Got a Song
Routledge (2006)

Brings together several scholars from both law and education to provide some clarity on the status...

Working with Texts: A Core Introduction to Language Analysis

Working with Texts

A Core Introduction to Language Analysis

Ronald Carter, Angela Goddard and 3 more...
Routledge (2001)

This is a core book that provides a basic foundation for understanding aspects of English language...

Modern German Grammar: A Practical Guide

Modern German Grammar

A Practical Guide

Ruth Whittle, John Klapper and 2 more...
Routledge (2003)

The grammar assumes no previous grammatical training and is intended for all those who have a basic...

Routledge Creative Writing Coursebook
Routledge (2005)

A practical guide to creative writing. Covers life writing, novels, short stories, poetry,...

The Disability Studies Reader
Routledge (2006)

Collects representative texts from the field of disability studies. Drawing together experts in...

Key Concepts in Post-Colonial Studies
Routledge (1998)

This volume provides an essential key to understanding the issues which characterise...

Black Wealth / White Wealth: A New Perspective on Racial Inequality 2E

Black Wealth / White Wealth

A New Perspective on Racial Inequality 2E

Routledge (2006)

Offers a portrait of racial inequality based on an analysis of private wealth. This work analyzes...

Reading Images: The Grammar of Visual Design

Reading Images

The Grammar of Visual Design

Routledge (2005)

A comprehensive account of the grammar of visual design. Draws on examples from children's drawings...

Routledge (1998)

A vital introduction to the historical dimensions and theoretical concepts associated with colonial...

Orchestration: An Anthology of Writings


An Anthology of Writings

Routledge (2006)

Intended for college-level music majors, this collection traces the history of orchestration,...