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WIT Press (2011)

The aim of ecodynamics is to relate ecosystems to evolutionary thermodynamics, which can lead to...

WIT Press (2015)

Containing the latest research on preparation for and mitigation of future earthquakes, this book...

WIT Press (2007)

This book contains selected papers presented at the Sixth International Conference on Earthquake...

WIT Press (2014)

Water Pollution XII contains the proceedings of the 12th International Conference in the series of...

WIT Press (2009)

Forecast advances in medical and biological technology will transform medical care and treatment....

WIT Press (2007)

Health problems related to the environment continue to be a major source of concern all over the...

The New Forest

A Personal View by C.A. Brebbia

WIT Press (2008)

This book offers a personal view of the New Forest which stems from the author's many years of...

WIT Press (2009)

Health problems related to the environment have become a major source of concern all over the world....

Design and Nature III

Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering

WIT Press (2006)

" The eclectic range of topics ensures that anyone curious about biomimicry will find something...

Environmental Problems in Coastal Regions VI

Including Oil and Chemical Spill Studies

WIT Press (2006)

This volume contains the papers presented at the 6th International Conference on Environmental...