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The Ecumenical Edwards

Jonathan Edwards and the Theologians


Jonathan Edwards is considered by many to be America’s greatest theologian. Many have lauded him as...

WestBow Press (2012)

The A, B, Cs of the Deity seeks to thoroughly examine the true nature of God via the alphabet. The...

Before Jonathan Edwards

Sources of New England Theology


Adriaan Neele presents the first comprehensive study of Jonathan Edwards's use of Reformed orthodox...


Physics for O.N.C. Courses is a textbook that aims to serve the specific needs of science and...

Edwards on the Christian Life

Alive to the Beauty of God

Crossway (2014)

Offering readers an accessible portrait of Jonathan Edwards’s life and theology, this book...

Springer US (2013)

The persistent organic pesticides have saved millions of lives by controlling human disease vectors...

Wiley (2005)

Do you own a TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92 Plus, or a Voyage 200 graphing calculator? If you do, or...

Wiley (2004)

Would you order a multi-course gourmet buffet and just eat salad? If you have a TI-83 Plus graphing...

Edward Condon's Cooperative Vision

Science, Industry, and Innovation in Modern America

As a professor of physics at Princeton University for nearly ten years, Edward Condon sealed his...

Allies in Memory

World War II and the Politics ofTransatlantic Commemoration, c.1941–2001


A fresh perspective on World War II commemoration that identifies the central place of war memory in...