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The English Police: A Political and Social History

The English Police

A Political and Social History


A comprehensive history of policing from the eighteenth century onwards, which draws on largely...

Napoleonic Europe

The impact of Napoleon on France and on Europe was immediate and enduring. He dominated his age as...

Britain and the French Revolution

The French Revolution catapulted Europe into a new period of political upheaval, social change, and...

Napoleon: Conquest, Reform and Reorganisation


Conquest, Reform and Reorganisation


Napoleon had a profound impact on the development of both France and Europe, and his career had...

Theories and Origins of the Modern Police

This volume is the first of four that will provide some of the most significant, English-language...

Crime and Society in England, 1750–1900

Ranging from the middle of the eighteenth through to the end of the nineteenth century, Crime and...

Crime, Police, and Penal Policy: European Experiences 1750-1940

Crime, Police, and Penal Policy

European Experiences 1750-1940

OUP Oxford (2007)

How did ideas about crime and criminals change in Europe from around 1750 to 1940? How did European...

Soldier, Sailor, Beggarman, Thief: Crime and the British Armed Services since 1914

Soldier, Sailor, Beggarman, Thief

Crime and the British Armed Services since 1914

OUP Oxford (2013)

The first serious investigation of criminal offending by members of the British armed forces both...

Police Detectives in History, 1750–1950

While the history of the uniformed police has prompted considerable research, the historical study...

Comparative Histories of Crime

This book aims to both reflect and take forward current thinking on comparative and cross-national...