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Harlequin (2011)

When one door closes, another opens David McKay had put Broken Yoke behind him ten years ago when...

The Prayer of David

In Times of Trouble


In your day of trouble, may the Lord be with you. May the God of Jacob keep you from all harm! May...

Dare to Be a Man

The Truth Every Man Must Know...and Every Woman Needs to Know About Him


The inspiring pastor, media personality, and author offers spiritual empowerment to men and the...


The perfect way to get to grips with the great historical events.' - The History Channel.

Sexual Citizenship

The Material Construction of Sexualities


This enthralling and provocative book provides a new grounding for the understanding of sexual...


Our attitudes towards `nature' and the countryside are fickle. The conservation movement, despite...

Situations and Speech Acts

Toward a Formal Semantics of Discourse


First published in 1985, this book aims to develop an approach to speech acts that has the virtue of...

Understand Stalin's Russia

Teach Yourself, new edition


"The perfect way to get to grips with the great historical events." - The History Channel.


The Teach Yourself History series offers an alternative to academic historical books, its content...


Mussolini's Italy is a compelling introduction to this infamous fascist dictator and his...