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Franz Kafka

Sander L. Gilman brings together Kafka's literary works, personal writings, and biography to create...

Franz Kafka
J.B. Metzler (2017)

Eine kritische Einführung in das immer unübersichtlicher werdende Studium des Lebens und der Werke...

Franz Kafka

One of the most influential writers of this century, Kafka's work, most notably 'The...

Franz Kafka: (New Edition)

Franz Kafka

(New Edition)


Franz Kafka's visionary fiction offers an unforgettable rendering of the anxiety and alienation...

Franz Kafka: The Necessity of Form

Franz Kafka

The Necessity of Form


In Stanley Corngold’s view, the themes and strategies of Kafka’s fiction are generated by a tension...

Kafka's Monkey
Oberon Books (2012)

‘Esteemed members of the Academy! You have done me the great honour of inviting me to give you an...

Franz Kafka in Context

Accessible essays place Kafka in historical, political and cultural context, providing new and often...

A Franz Kafka Encyclopedia
ABC-CLIO (2005)

Known for depicting alienation, frustration, and the victimization of the individual by impenetrable...

Understanding Franz Kafka

A chronological analysis of the various phases of this eccentric writer’s short life and his quest...

Franz Kafka, rêveur insoumis
Stock (2004)

Ce livre n’est pas un essai de plus sur Kafka. La lecture proposée par Michael Löwy ne manquera pas...