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Contending With Nationalism and Communism: British Policy Towards Southeast Asia, 1945-65

Contending With Nationalism and Communism

British Policy Towards Southeast Asia, 1945-65


This volume provides a lucid, concise analysis of the development of British policy in Southeast...

Quantum Chemistry

Praised for its appealing writing style and clear pedagogy, Lowe's Quantum Chemistry is now...

CAP Regimes and the European Countryside
CABI (2000)

The objectives of this title are to review assessments made on the environmental effects of the...

Quantum Chemistry

Lowe's new edition assumes little mathematical or physical sophistication and emphasizes an...

Crime, Society and the Law in Renaissance Italy

Essays which demonstrate the fundamental importance of crime and disorder for the study of the...

Murder in Renaissance Italy

This invaluable collection explores the many faces of murder and its cultural presences across the...

Dairy Chemistry and Biochemistry

This book is the most comprehensive introductory text on the chemistry and biochemistry of milk. It...

Bioenergy from Sustainable Forestry: Guiding Principles and Practice

Bioenergy from Sustainable Forestry

Guiding Principles and Practice

J. Richardson, R. Björheden and 3 more...

Bioenergy from Sustainable Forestry synthesizes information needed to design or implement...

Die Theorie der optischen Instrumente: I. Band. Die Bilderzeugung in optischen Instrumenten

Die Theorie der optischen Instrumente

I. Band. Die Bilderzeugung in optischen Instrumenten

E. Rohr, P. Culmann and 5 more...

Als mir vor gerade drei Jahren nahegelegt wurde, die Dar­ stellung, die ich vor längerer Zeit in...

Assessment and Reclamation of Contaminated Land

This authoritative review is written in the context of the new UK contaminated land regime and will...