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Electoral Engineering

Voting Rules and Political Behavior


Compares the consequences of electoral rules for many dimensions of political representations and...

Driving Democracy

Do Power-Sharing Institutions Work?


This book is a comparative study of power-sharing institutions that analyzes the consequences for...

Making Democratic Governance Work

How Regimes Shape Prosperity, Welfare, and Peace


This book argues that both liberal democracy and state capacity need strengthening to deliver...


This book is the first in a planned trilogy by Pippa Norris on challenges of electoral integrity.

Democratic Deficit

Critical Citizens Revisited


This book examines the reasons behind the democratic deficit and analyzes the consequences for...

Radical Right

Voters and Parties in the Electoral Market


This book, first published in 2005, explains why radical right parties have advanced in a diverse...

A Virtuous Circle

Political Communications in Postindustrial Societies


This book, first published in 2000, challenges the idea that the news media and political parties...


This volume compares international and institutional accounts as alternative perspectives to explain...

Democratic Phoenix

Reinventing Political Activism


This book, first published in 2002, compares systematic evidence worldwide and suggests reasons to...

Public Sentinel

News Media and Governance Reform


The purpose of this book is to inform governance advisors about the vital role of the news media for...