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The Underbelly
PM Press (2010)

Providing insight on homelessness, political corruption, and the potential effects of...

The Warlord of Willow Ridge
Kensington (2012)

In A World Of Bikers, Meth, And Overdue Mortgages. . . All the miles. All the blood. All has led...

Kensington (2007)

On The Streets Of L.A. Us against them. That's the law of the cop world. In L.A.'s toughest...

Violent Spring

In the wake of the Rodney King riots, Ivan Monk investigates a cold murder Just a few months...

Bad Night Is Falling

After a fatal firebombing, gangsters hire Ivan Monk to prove them innocent The Cruzado family...

Only the Wicked

Ivan Monk chases a mystery deep into America’s shameful past Half a century ago, Old Man Spears...

Perdition, U.S.A.

Three men are shot a few blocks apart, and Ivan Monk looks for a connection Scatterboy Williams...

The Jook
PM Press (2009)

Zelmont Raines has slid a long way since first gaining his ability to jookto out maneuver his...

The Rinse
BOOM! Studios (2014)

Acclaimed crime novelist Gary Phillips (THE JOOK, Vertigo's ANGELTOWN and COWBOYS) returns to BOOM!...

High Rollers
BOOM! Studios (2014)

Crime does pay! Meet Cameron Quinn, a ruthless upstart out to make a name for himself in the...