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TIME Marijuana: The Medical Movement

TIME Marijuana

The Medical Movement


Canabis has been used as medicine for 4,000 years. Now, with the majority of states legalizing...

TIME The Power of Habits

The Editors of TIME Magazine present The Power of Habits.

TIME The Science of Alzheimer's

In TIME's The Science of Alzheimer's learn more about this disease that steals the self as well as...

TIME Mental Health

People at all stages of life experience mental illness, including anxiety and depression. There has...

TIME The Science of Weight Loss

The editors of TIME Magazine present The Science of Weight Loss .

TIME The Science of Creativity

From ancient drawings to the genius of Leonardo and Einstein to the imagination that colors our...

TIME The Science of Exercise: Younger. Smarter. Stronger

Few fields have changed as rapidly as the science of exercise. New research suggests that exercise...

TIME 100 Most Healing Foods: +20 Delicious Recipes

Put these 100 powerful foods to work for you. That we need food to survive is evident, but it is...

TIME The Science of Emotions: Love-Laughter-Fear-Grief-Joy

TIME The Science of Emotions



Why do you feel the way you do? Emotions are the world's universal language. Understand them, and...

TIME Star Trek: Inside the Most Influential Science Fiction Series Ever

TIME Star Trek

Inside the Most Influential Science Fiction Series Ever


Fifty years after the birth of the Star Trek phenomenon, the legacy is as alive as ever. In 2016...