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William Carlos Williams: A New World Naked

William Carlos Williams (18831963) emerged alongside Pound, Eliot, Stevens, Frost, and Yeats as one...

William Appleman Williams: Learning From History

Williams' controversial volumes, The Tragedy of American Diplomacy, Contours of American History,...

Tennessee Williams

Few writers have brought more of their life into their works than famed playwright Thomas Lanier...

Robbie Williams

Angels and Demons - The Biography

The definitive unauthorized biography of Robbie Williams, and provides a 'warts and all'...

Paul Gilroy

Paul Gilroy has been a controversial force at the forefront of debates around race, nation, and...

Raymond Williams's Sociology of Culture: A Critical Reconstruction

This detailed study of Williams unlocks his late sociology of culture. It covers previously...

William Empson: Prophet Against Sacrifice

William Empson

Prophet Against Sacrifice


William Empson: Prophet Against Sacrifice provides the most coherent account of Empson's diverse...

William Trevor: Revaluations

Offers a comprehensive examination of the oeuvre of William Trevor

William Gilbert and Esoteric Romanticism: A Contextual Study and Annotated Edition of 'The Hurricane'

William Gilbert and Esoteric Romanticism

A Contextual Study and Annotated Edition of 'The Hurricane'


This first annotated edition of William Gilbert's enigmatic poem, The Hurricane: a Theosophical and...

The Three Worlds of Paul of Tarsus

The world in which early Christianity developed consisted of a complex of distinct communities and...