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Proceedings of the Symposium on Complex Analysis Canterbury 1973

This book is essential reading for research workers and graduate students interested in complex...

Shintani Zeta Functions

This is amongst the first books on the theory of prehomogeneous vector spaces, and represents the...

Rational Approximation of Real Functions

Originally published in 1987, this book is devoted to the approximation of real functions by real...

Metaheuristic Optimization for the Design of Automatic Control Laws
Wiley (2013)

The classic approach in Automatic Control relies on the use of simplified models of the systems and...

Optimization in Engineering Sciences: Metaheuristic, Stochastic Methods and Decision Support

Optimization in Engineering Sciences

Metaheuristic, Stochastic Methods and Decision Support

Dan Stefanoiu, Pierre Borne and 3 more...
Wiley (2014)

The purpose of this book is to present the main metaheuristics and approximate and stochastic...

Data-Variant Kernel Analysis
Wiley (2015)

Describes and discusses the variants of kernel analysis methods for data types that have been...

Mathe, die man wirklich braucht für Dummies
Wiley (2015)

Wir machen Sie fit für die kleinen Berechnungen des Alltags Ist die Großpackung Nudeln günstiger...

Integrating Research on the Graphical Representation of Functions

This volume focuses on the important mathematical idea of functions that, with the technology of...

Handbook of Complex Analysis: Geometric Function Theory

Handbook of Complex Analysis

Geometric Function Theory


Geometric Function Theory is that part of Complex Analysis which covers the theory of conformal and...

Polaritons in Periodic and Quasiperiodic Structures

In recent years there have been exciting developments in techniques for producing multilayered...