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Dictionary of Engineering

Derived from the content of the respected McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms,...

VOX Diccionario de bolsillo español y inglés

A comprehensive reference that features two-color headwords for easy reference and includes a free...

A Dictionary of Contemporary World History: From 1900 to the Present Day

This authoritative dictionary provides in-depth coverage of major recent historical events, from...

The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology

The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology is the first and only dictionary that surveys the broad...

McGraw-Hill's Essential Phrasal Verbs Dictionary

Better understand American English by mastering its phrasal verbs This authoritative reference...

Perfect Parenting: The Dictionary of 1,000 Parenting Tips

Your go-to guide for your parenting questions, from the author of the breakthrough No-Cry series ...

Vox Pocket Spanish-English Dictionary

Your on-the-go resource for your Spanish-language studies Vox Spanish-English dictionaries have...

The SAGE Dictionary of Cultural Studies

Containing over 200 entries on key concepts and theorists, the Dictionary provides an unparalleled...

The Million Word Crossword Answer Book
HarperCollins (2010)

The Million Word Crossword Dictionary was hailed by New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz...

The Quotable Giuliani: The Mayor of America in His Own Words

The Quotable Giuliani

The Mayor of America in His Own Words

Pocket Books (2002)

"If you've got a problem with New York City being the capital of the world, take it up with the...