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Giorgio Agamben

Giorgio Agamben is one of the most important and controversial figures in contemporary continental...

Giorgio Agamben: A Critical Introduction

Giorgio Agamben

A Critical Introduction


A critical introduction to the work of the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben.

Giorgio Agamben: Legal, Political and Philosophical Perspectives

Giorgio Agamben

Legal, Political and Philosophical Perspectives


This book collects new contributions from an international group of leading scholars – including...

Giorgio Agamben: Beyond the Threshold of Deconstruction

Giorgio Agamben

Beyond the Threshold of Deconstruction


Traces Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben’s engagement with deconstructive thought from his early...

The Omnibus Homo Sacer

This single book brings together for the first time all nine volumes that make up Giorgio Agamben's...

The Highest Poverty: Monastic Rules and Form-of-Life

The Highest Poverty

Monastic Rules and Form-of-Life


In this book, Agamben investigates monasticism from its beginnings up through the Franciscan...

An essential reevaluation of the proper role of politics in contemporary life. In this critical...

Le mystère du Mal: Benoit XVI et la fin des temps

Le mystère du Mal

Benoit XVI et la fin des temps


En accomplissant son « grand refus », Benoît XVI n'a pas fait preuve de lâcheté, mais d'un courage...

Giorgio Agamben: Education Without Ends

Italian critical theorist Giorgio Agamben may be best known for his political writings concerning...

State of Exception

Two months after the attacks of 9/11, the Bush administration, in the midst of what it perceived to...