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Alan Greenspan: The Oracle Behind The Curtain

Alan Greenspan

The Oracle Behind The Curtain

There is an endless supply of rave reviews for Alan Greenspan and the Fed. This is due to...

Alan Lomax: Selected Writings, 1934-1997

Alan Lomax

Selected Writings, 1934-1997


Alan Lomax is a legendary figure in American folk music circles. Although he published many books,...

Alan Lomax: The Man Who Recorded the World

Alan Lomax

The Man Who Recorded the World


The remarkable life and times of the man who popularized American folk music and created the science...

Lucky Alan: And Other Stories

Lucky Alan

And Other Stories

The incomparable Jonathan Lethem returns with nine stories that demonstrate his mastery of the short...

Alan Bennett: A Critical Introduction

Alan Bennett

A Critical Introduction


Alan Bennett is perhaps best known in the UK for the BBC production of his Talking Heads TV plays,...

Alan Bush: A Source Book

Alan Bush

A Source Book


Born in 1900, Alan Bush, the English composer, conductor and pianist, studied with Corder and...

Alan Wake

Welcome to Bright Falls-a seemingly idyllic small town in the Pacific Northwest. The perfect place...

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. He created one of the...

Alan LeMay: A Biography of the Author of The Searchers

Alan LeMay

A Biography of the Author of The Searchers

Although much has been written about the 1950s cult film The Searchers, Alan LeMay, the author of...

Alan Clarke
Faber & Faber (2011)

An unusually brilliant generation of film-makers emerged from British television drama in the...