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The British Periodical Press and the French Revolution 1789-99

This study challenges the conventional polarities used to describe British politics of the 1790s;...

Irish Rebellion: Protestant Polemic 1798-1900

Irish Rebellion

Protestant Polemic 1798-1900


The 1798 Rebellion unleashed a paper war involving contemporary historians and pro-Establishment...

Unitarian Radicalism: Political Rhetoric, 1770-1814

Unitarian Radicalism

Political Rhetoric, 1770-1814


The Unitarian confrontation with the late eighteenth-century political establishment is reflected in...

Robert Southey: History, Politics, Religion

Robert Southey

History, Politics, Religion


In  Robert Southey , Andrews   argues that Robert Southey's denunciation of global Catholicism is...

American Remakes of British Television: Transformations and Mistranslations

American Remakes of British Television

Transformations and Mistranslations


American Remakes of British Television: Transformations and Mistranslations, edited by Carlen...