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The book liberates James Madison from Madisonian Constitutionalism and focuses on Madison's...


An extensive introduction provides basic information about Russian epics, their historical...

Man, Interrupted

Welcome to the Bizarre World of OCD, Where Once More is Never Enough


James Bailey's form of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) was as bizarre as it was unbearable. He...


This compelling book advances utilitarianism as the basis for a viable public philosophy,...

Contrast Data Mining

Concepts, Algorithms, and Applications

CRC Press (2016)

A Fruitful Field for Researching Data Mining Methodology and for Solving Real-Life Problems ...


Context and Adaptation from Archidamus to Airpower


How does one engage in the study of strategy? Strategy: The Study of Strategy from Archidamus to...

Rethinking Poverty

Income, Assets, and the Catholic Social Justice Tradition

In Rethinking Poverty, James P. Bailey argues that most contemporary policies aimed at reducing...

Honor and Defiance

A History of the Las Vegas Land Grant in New Mexico


In 1835, a petition for land far from Santa Fe, New Mexico was awarded to pobladores (settlers)...

Schools and Community

The Communitarian Agenda in Education


Communitarianism, as a movement, is clearly a dominant theme within New Labour's educational policy....


"A brilliant and comprehensive introduction to the most seminal component of leadership: wisdom. The...