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Homo Mysterious

Evolutionary Puzzles of Human Nature


For all that science knows about the living world, notes David P. Barash, there are even more things...

Buddhist Biology

Ancient Eastern Wisdom Meets Modern Western Science


Compares teachings of Buddhism with principles of modern biology, revealing many significant points...

Through a Glass Brightly

Using Science to See Our Species as We Really Are


Human beings are important, especially to themselves! But as science advances, it has become...

Out of Eden

The Surprising Consequences of Polygamy


Out of Eden explores the intersection of human polygamous tendencies and the monogamous...

The Survival Game

How Game Theory Explains the Biology of Cooperation and Competition


From a zoologist and psychologist, an astonishing look at the biological and strategic roots of...

Natural Selections

Selfish Altruists, Honest Liars, and Other Realities of Evolution


What happens when evolutionary and cultural imperatives clash, and what we can do about it.

What can elephant seals tell us about Homer’s Iliad ? How do gorillas illuminate the works of...


The thoroughly updated Fourth Edition of the gold standard text explores historical and current...


Why We Retaliate, Redirect Aggression, and Take Revenge


Someone has a bad day at work...and goes home and yells at his wife, or kicks the dog. A student...

Gender Gap

How Genes and Gender Influence Our Relationships


Let's face it, say Barash and Lipton: Males and females, boys and girls, men and women are...