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Ingrid Bergman

"Ingrid Bergman was far more than just a sweet, virtuous, ‘natural' Swedish girl—she was a dark...

Ingrid Bergman: The Life, Career and Public Image

Ingrid Bergman

The Life, Career and Public Image

Smit studies the woman behind her public image as a natural, wholesome, even saintly person, an...

Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide

Written for students and practitioners in the fields of architecture and interior design, our new...

The Poetry of Disturbance: The Discomforts of Postwar American Poetry

The Poetry of Disturbance

The Discomforts of Postwar American Poetry


In this book, David Bergman argues that post-war poetry underwent a significant shift from a visual...

Computational Acoustics: Theory and Implementation

Computational Acoustics

Theory and Implementation

Wiley (2018)

Covers the theory and practice of innovative new approaches to modelling acoustic propagation ...

The Biographical Dictionary of Iowa

Written by an impressive team of more than 150 scholars and writers, the readable narratives include...

Studying individual Development in An interindividual Context: A Person-oriented Approach

During the last decade there has been increased awareness of the limitations of standard approaches...

Problems and Methods in Longitudinal Research: Stability and Change

An analysis of data treatment methodology for longitudinal research studies.

Decision Diagrams for Optimization

This book introduces a novel approach to discrete optimization, providing both theoretical insights...