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Cartographies of Diaspora: Contesting Identities

Cartographies of Diaspora

Contesting Identities


By addressing questions of culture, identity and politics, Cartographies of Diaspora throws new...

Hybridity and its Discontents: Politics, Science, Culture

Hybridity and its Discontents explores the history and experience of 'hybridity' - the mixing of...

Global Futures: Migration, Environment and Globalization

Global Futures

Migration, Environment and Globalization

Avtar Brah, Mary J. Hickman and 1 more...

Providing critical assessment of the 'globalization thesis' through sustained analysis of the nexus...

Thinking Identities: Ethnicity, Racism and Culture

Thinking Identities

Ethnicity, Racism and Culture

Avtar Brah, Mary J. Hickman and 1 more...

This book brings together research about a diverse range of groups who are rarely analysed together:...

Stuart Hall: Conversations, Projects and Legacies

Stuart Hall

Conversations, Projects and Legacies

Julian Henriques, David Morley and 27 more...

A contemporary look at one of the founding figures in the field of cultural studies.

Diasporas: Concepts, Intersections, Identities


Concepts, Intersections, Identities

Jeffrey Lesser, Homi Bhabha and 46 more...
Zed Books (2010)

Charts the ways in which global population movements have been seen through the lens of 'diaspora'.