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Sexualities, Spaces and Leisure Studies

This edited collection explores the important connections between sexualities, geographies and...

Lesbian Geographies: Gender, Place and Power

It has long been recognised that the spatialisation of sexual lives is always gendered. Sexism and...

Ordinary in Brighton?: LGBT, Activisms and the City

Ordinary in Brighton? offers the first large scale examination of the impact of the UK equalities...

The Routledge Research Companion to Geographies of Sex and Sexualities

Comprehensive and authoritative, this state-of-the-art review both charts and develops the rich...

Geographies of Sexualities: Theory, Practices and Politics

Geographies of Sexualities

Theory, Practices and Politics


Recent years have seen a dramatic upsurge of interest in the connections between sexualities, space...

Queer Methods and Methodologies: Intersecting Queer Theories and Social Science Research

Queer Methods and Methodologies

Intersecting Queer Theories and Social Science Research


Queer Methods and Methodologies provides the first systematic consideration of the implications of a...

Queer Spiritual Spaces: Sexuality and Sacred Places

Queer Spiritual Spaces

Sexuality and Sacred Places


Drawn from extensive, new and rich empirical research across the UK, Canada and USA, Queer Spiritual...

Sexuality, Rurality, and Geography

This edited book offers a detailed examination of the interstices of ruralities and sexualities over...

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Ageing: Biographical Approaches for Inclusive Care and Support

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Ageing

Biographical Approaches for Inclusive Care and Support

Kath Browne, Jane Traies and 22 more...

This book explores the lives and perspectives of older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)...

Social Care, Service Users and User Involvement

This book provides a definitive critical introduction to service user views and involvement. It...