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Postharvest Physiology and Hypobaric Storage of Fresh Produce
CABI (2004)

This book is the definitive reference work documenting and evaluating hypobaric (low pressure)...

Cutaneous Lymphomas: Unusual Cases 2

Cutaneous Lymphomas

Unusual Cases 2

G. Burg, S. Michaelis and 4 more...
Steinkopff (2006)

This book offers a unique insight into the world of cutaneous lymphomas. In addition to the case...

Modern Methods of Plant Analysis / Moderne Methoden der Pflanzenanalyse

123 phase and hence have no direct bearing on the retention time of solutes. However in gas-solid...

From Mediation to Nation-Building: Third Parties and the Management of Communal Conflict

From Mediation to Nation-Building

Third Parties and the Management of Communal Conflict


Although there are numerous specialized works that treat the individual options, and several volumes...