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Jingo: A Western Story


A Western Story


The day Jingo rode into Tower Creek, the town was busy celebrating its twentieth anniversary. The...

Furnace Flat: A Western Duo

“Sergeant Forson’s Dirty-Shirt Army” is set in eastern Oregon, at a forgotten outpost left behind by...

Río Tinto: A Western Story

Wil Chama was interviewed in 1938 as a contributor to the American Legends Collection, a part of the...

Dead Man’s Cañon

The trouble began for Sheriff Claude Rainey when the Hightower Ranch cowboys discovered a mummified...

Leaving Yuma: A Western Story

J. T. Latham is rotting in prison in the Yuma Territory penitentiary. But then Sheriff Del Buchman...

Reckoning at Lansing’s Ferry

It was spring on the Llano Estacado, the Staked Plains of Texas, the time for the cattle drives to...

The Kansas City Cowboys

Seventeen-year-old Silver King dreams of becoming a working cowboy. His mother, however, has pushed...

Summer of the Star: A Western Story

Recalling his early life as a young cowboy, sixty-two-year-old Madison Carter remembers his first...

High Desert: A Western Duo

In the title story, Murdo Morgan left Paradise Valley sixteen years ago, after his brothers had been...

Black Mike: A Western Duo

Black Mike

A Western Duo


Black Mike Sam Cassidy comes home to find himself in a series of tense confrontations. His...