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A Joosr Guide to... Winners by Alastair Campbell: And How They Succeed
Joosr Ltd (2015)

In today's fast-paced world, it's tough to find the time to read. But with Joosr guides, you can get...

Alastair Campbell Diaries: Volume 7: From Crash to Defeat, 2007-2010

Alastair Campbell Diaries: Volume 7

From Crash to Defeat, 2007-2010


Caught in the no man’s land between being a key figure in Downing Street and the relative anonymity...

Diaries Volume One: Prelude to Power
Random House (2010)

As Alastair Campbell said in the introduction to The Blair Years , it was always his intention to...

The Happy Depressive: In Pursuit of Personal and Political Happiness
Random House (2012)

Are you happy? Does it matter? Increasingly, governments seem to think so. As the UK government...

Diaries Volume Three: Power and Responsibility

Diaries Volume Three

Power and Responsibility

Random House (2011)

POWER AND RESPONSIBILITY is the third volume of Alastair Campbell's unique daily account of life at...

Diaries Volume Two: Power and the People

Diaries Volume Two

Power and the People

Random House (2011)

Power & the People covers the first two years of the New Labour government, beginning with their...

The Blair Years: The Alastair Campbell Diaries

The Blair Years

The Alastair Campbell Diaries

A revelatory account of Tony Blair’s tumultuous leadership, The Blair Years gathers extracts from...

Diaries Volume 5: Outside, Inside, 2003–2005

THE ALL-NEW DIARIES Alastair Campbell's diaries have the quality of Pepys … people will be looking...

Diaries Volume 6: From Blair to Brown, 2005 – 2007

One might have thought Alastair Campbell would disappear from view as Gordon Brown moved from No. 11...

The Irish Diaries: Alastair Campbell (1994–2003)

The Irish Diaries

Alastair Campbell (1994–2003)


The five volumes of journalist and political analyst Alastair Campbell's diaries were a publishing...