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Churchill: The Power of Words

A collection of the best and most quoted speeches and writings of Nobel Prize-winner Winston...

Winston Churchill: A Life

One of the greatest historians writing today gives us a defining portrait of the incomparable...

Winston Churchill: The Flawed Genius of WWII

Winston Churchill

The Flawed Genius of WWII


He was a legendary man of strength-but no man is without his weaknesses. Revered for his...

Winston Churchill
OUP Oxford (2007)

Definitive, concise, and very interesting...From William Shakespeare to Winston Churchill, the Very...

Winston Churchill: The Story of the Great British Statesman

Winston Churchill

The Story of the Great British Statesman


Winston Churchill was far more than a just successful wartime leader. International war...

Winston Churchill
Thomas Nelson (2010)

In this Christian Encounter Series biography, author John Perry explores the life of Sir. Winston...

Winston Churchill: A Biographical Companion

Winston Churchill

A Biographical Companion

ABC-CLIO (2003)

This illustrated A–Z biographical companion presents information about all aspects of Winston...

Winston Churchill: Résister pour un monde libre et en paix

Winston Churchill

Résister pour un monde libre et en paix


Découvrez enfin tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur Winston Churchill en moins d’une heure ! Winston...

Winston Churchill

When Adolf Hitler began raising his army, one of the first people who sounded the alarm was Winston...

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is probably still the best-known Prime Minister of Great Britain. Born at Blenheim...