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Belfast Diaries

A Gunner In Northern Ireland 1971-74


"It's a very weird sensation to be shot at… Very often you see the gunman when it's too...

An Accrington Pal

The Diaries Of Private Jack Smallshaw, September 1914-March 1919


September 1914, and the whole of Europe was at war following the assassination of Archduke Franz...

A Tough Nut to Crack - Andersonstown

Voices from 9 Battery Royal Artillery in Northern Ireland, November 1971-March 1972


On the outskirts of west Belfast in Northern Ireland, and in the shadow of the Black Mountain, is...

Cuando ayudar hace daño

Cómo aliviar la pobreza, sin lastimar a los pobres ni a uno mismo


Este libro, expone los esfuerzos del pasado y del presente que las iglesias han hecho para sin...

Hyperink (2012)

ABOUT THE BOOK As we root around in our pockets or purses for change and crumpled dollars to buy a...