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The Boyfriend from Hell: A Novel

Veronica Delaney didn’t intend to fall for another bad guy, especially not one who just might be...

A Perfect Divorce: A Novel

Karen and Rob Burrows have always handled just about everything well—but what about divorce? ...

The Old Neighborhood: A Novel

A Madison Avenue adman returns to the Bronx of his youth in this New York Times bestseller by the...

50: A Novel


A Novel


Approaching the very middle of middle age, Doug Gardner finds that life still holds plenty of...

The Big Hype: A Novel

Paul Brock may have written a great book, but it isn’t until impresario Mel Steiner gets ahold of...

Prized Possessions: A Novel

College freshman Elizabeth Mason grew up with every advantage, but her life is thrown into chaos...

Kramer vs. Kramer: A Novel

A novel about a father’s emotional custody battle by a New York Times –bestselling author—the basis...

Oh, God!: A Novel

For a God whom philosophers have proclaimed dead, there’s only one thing to do: drum up a little...

The Bust-Out King: A Novel

“ Bust-out man: one skilled at switching crooked dice in and out of a game. Bust-out king: ...

My Old Neighborhood Remembered: A Memoir

This is an important urban history of neighborhood life that has vanished from the culture. From the...