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Donald Davidson: A Short Introduction

Donald Davidson

A Short Introduction


In this book, Kathrin Glüer carefully outlines Donald Davidson's principal claims and arguments, and...

Donald Davidson

This book is a comprehensive introduction to the full range of Donald Davidson's work.

Donald Davidson: Truth, Meaning and Knowledge

Donald Davidson

Truth, Meaning and Knowledge


Donald Davidson has made enormous contributions to the philosophy of action, epistemology, semantics...

Donald Davidson

Donald Davidson's work has been of seminal importance in the development of analytic philosophy and...

A Companion to Donald Davidson
Wiley (2013)

A Companion to Donald Davidson presents newly commissioned essays by leading figures within...

Donald Davidson's Triangulation Argument: A Philosophical Inquiry

According to many commentators, Davidson’s earlier work on philosophy of action and truth-theoretic...

The Essential Davidson
OUP Oxford (2006)

The Essential Davidson compiles the most celebrated papers of one of the twentieth century's...

Donald Davidson: Life and Words

Donald Davidson (1917-2003) was one of the most prominent philosophers of the second half of the...

Plato's Philebus (RLE: Plato)

The Philebus is hard to reconcile with standard interpretations of Plato’s philosophy and in this...

Relations in Public: Microstudies of the Public Order

Relations in Public

Microstudies of the Public Order


Until recently, to be in a public place meant to feel safe. That has changed, especially in cities....