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Michel de Certeau: Cultural Theorist

Michel de Certeau

Cultural Theorist


This book provides a critical introduction to de Certeau's work and influence, looks at his key...

Michel de Certeau: Interpretation and Its Other

Michel de Certeau

Interpretation and Its Other

Wiley (2013)

Since his death in 1986, Michel de Certeau's reputation as a thinker has steadily grown both in...

The Practice of Everyday Life

In this incisive book, Michel de Certeau considers the uses to which social representation and modes...

Zur Aktualität von Michel de Certeau: Einführung in sein Werk

Michel de Certeau (1925-1986) war Zeit seines Lebens ein Grenzgänger zwischen den wissenschaftlichen...


Le bienheureux Pierre Favre s.j. (1506-1546) est surtout connu par son Mémorial, journal écrit au...

Practice of Everyday Life: Volume 2: Living and Cooking

Practice of Everyday Life

Volume 2: Living and Cooking

Michel De Certeau, Luce Giard and 1 more...

To remain unconsumed by consumer society—this was the goal, pursued through a world of subtle and...

The Mystic Fable, Volume Two: The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries

The Mystic Fable, Volume Two

The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries

Michel de Certeau, Luce Giard and 1 more...

More than two decades have passed since Chicago published the first volume of this groundbreaking...