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Keith Douglas, 1920-1944: A Biography
Faber & Faber (2012)

Keith Douglas was almost certainly the greatest poet of the Second World War. He was killed in...

The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide
Touchstone (2004)

Rock Paper Scissors (RPS), the ultimate decision-making tool, is played the world over. By the late...

Pragmatism, Law, and Language

This volume puts leading pragmatists in the philosophy of language, including Robert Brandom, in...

The Flesh and Bones of Medicine E-Book

The Flesh and Bones of Medicine presents a concise, accessible account of general medicine and...

Keeping the Peace: Conflict Resolution and Peaceful Societies Around the World

Keeping the Peace

Conflict Resolution and Peaceful Societies Around the World


This collection of ethnographies discusses how non-violent values and conflict resolution strategies...

Macleod's Clinical Examination E-Book

This classic textbook sets out clearly and concisely how to evaluate symptoms and elicit relevant...

Serpents in the Cold

A serial killer stalks the streets of 1950s Boston--and two friends take it upon themselves to bring...

We Were Kings

In 1950's Boston, the Irish Republican Army is running guns and killing witnesses. Cal and Dante are...

Saudi Arabia: The Coming Storm: The Coming Storm

Some of the best writings on issues involving local government can be found in journals published by...

Asthma: Clinician's Desk Reference


Clinician's Desk Reference

CRC Press (2010)

As the series title implies each Clinician’s Desk Reference is a practical resource and a daily aid...