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Roman Conquests: North Africa
Pen and Sword (2011)

The third in the Roman Conquests series briefly covers Rome's first forays into the dark...

The Spartan Way
Pen and Sword (2013)

For a period of some 200 years, Sparta was acknowledged throughout the Greek world as the home of...

Warlords of Republican Rome: Caesar Versus Pompey
Pen and Sword (2008)

The war between Caesar and Pompey was one of the defining moments in Roman history. The clash...

AD69: Emperors, Armies and Anarchy


Emperors, Armies and Anarchy

Pen and Sword (2014)

With the death of Nero by his own shaky hand, the ill-sorted, ill-starred Iulio-Claudian dynasty...

God's City: Byzantine Constantinople

God's City

Byzantine Constantinople

Pen and Sword (2017)

Byzantium. Was it Greek or Roman, familiar or hybrid, barbaric or civilized, Oriental or Western? In...

Attila the Hun

One of the most powerful men in late antiquity, Attila's peerless Hunnic empire stretched from the...

Alesia 52 BC: The final struggle for Gaul

Alesia 52 BC

The final struggle for Gaul


In 52 BC Caesar's continued strategy of annihilation had engendered a spirit of desperation, which...

Julius Caesar

One of the greatest military commanders in history, Julius Caesar's most famous victory – the...

Lake Trasimene 217 BC: Ambush and annihilation of a Roman army

Lake Trasimene 217 BC

Ambush and annihilation of a Roman army


Following Hannibal's crushing victory at the battle of the Trebbia, the reeling Roman Republic sent...

Early Roman Warrior 753–321 BC

The prototypical 'Roman Legionnaire' often seen on television and in movies is actually the product...