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Wiley (2001)

Fast track route to mastering all aspects of sales management Covers the key areas of sales...

Wiley (2002)

Fast track route to rock-solid business plans Covers key areas of business planning from...

Wiley (2001)

Fast track route to effective channel management Covers key channel management techniques, from...

Wiley (2002)

Fast track route to understanding and deploying a key personal communications skill that affects...

Wiley (2000)

Fast track route to jump-starting your career Covers key career management techniques, from...

Surviving Office Politics

Succeeding in the Competitive Jungle

How is your career going? Do you get the respect and recognition you deserve and sail through...

Wiley (2003)

The sales function is the front-line of any business. Keeping up with the latest sales techniques is...

BSS Manage Your Boss

How to create the ideal working relationship


Unless you are CEO then you, along with everyone else in an organization, will have a boss. But as...

100 Great Presentation Ideas

From Successful Managers and Companies Around the World

Ideas to inspire anyone to become a better presenter and speaker.

Kogan Page (2010)

How to Motivate People reviews the principles of motivating staff to maximise performance,...