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The Jewish Messiah: A Novel

The new novel by the internationally acclaimed author- "a farce of nuclear proportions"( Vanity Fair...

Ararat: In Search of the Mythical Mountain


In Search of the Mythical Mountain

Random House (2008)

Mount Ararat in Turkey is where, as biblical tradition has it, Noah's Ark ran aground and God made...

Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse: Man and beast in an age of human warfare

Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse

Man and beast in an age of human warfare

Random House (2012)

' "When you touch a Lipizzaner, you're touching history," Westerman was once told. His elegant book...

Dear Mr. M: A Novel

The tour-de-force, hair-raising new novel from Herman Koch, the New York Times bestselling author...

Joe Speedboat

A sparkling coming-of-age novel that has sold over 300,000 copies in Holland, in which the...

Man on the Move
Quercus (2013)

In Janaury 1935, Rob, a young Dutchman, departs to Capetown in search of adventure. After a brutal...

The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies
The MIT Press (2016)

The fourth edition of an authoritative overview, with all new chapters that capture the state of the...