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Kharkov 1942

The Wehrmacht strikes back


After failing to finish off the German Army in the 1941/42 Winter Counteroffensive Stalin directed...


In the immediate aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese launched an attack on the Philippines to...


The battle for Guadalcanal that lasted from August 1942 to February 1943 was the first major...

Operation Neptune 1944

D-Day’s Seaborne Armada


The story of Operation Neptune was, of course, more than just a tale of planning, building and...


At 1345hrs on 6 October 1973, Israeli spotters in the observation post atop Mount Hermon saw Syrian...

St Mihiel 1918

The American Expeditionary Forces’ trial by fire


At 1:00 am on September 12, 1918, accompanied by rain and lightning, the American Army launched its...

Santa Cruz 1942

Carrier duel in the South Pacific


Despite myth, the Japanese carrier force was not destroyed at Midway but survived to still prove a...


The Fairbairn-Sykes Commando dagger has become iconic as the most widely recognized fighting knife...

Midway 1942

Turning point in the Pacific


In less than one day, the might of the Imperial Japanese Navy was destroyed and four of her great...

St Nazaire 1942

The Great Commando Raid


The raid on the port of St Nazaire in March 1942 by a sea-borne task force from British Combined...