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Richard Cookston Grace, Life, Family, and History

iUniverse (2006)

This book is primarily a biography of Richard Cookston Grace, but it includes short stories of his...

Grace Note

In Hildegard’S Shadow

iUniverse (2011)

It is 1106 when an eight-year-old girl named Hildegard comes from Bingen in Germany to live with...

Funny and talented, Grace Matthews is everyone's friend. But when the girlsin bunk 3C pair off,...

Fallen from Grace

A Bonus Dark Mirror Short Story


"Fallen from Grace" is a bonus Dark Mirror short story, from author M.J. Putney. Allarde, a...

Grace, Talent, and Merit

Poor Students, Clerical Careers, and Professional Ideology in Eighteenth-Century Germany


This 1988 book examines the experience of upwardly mobile young men in early modern Germany.

This Far by Grace

A Bishop's Journey Through Questions of Homosexuality


In this thoughtful and timely book, Bishop Alexander explores his journey through the theological,...


'Detective Inspector Helen Grace is one of the greatest heroes to come along in years' Jeffery...

Evidence of Grace

The Imperfect Journey to Perfection


This book encourages readers to pursue restoration of fallen Christian brothers and sisters. God...

Striving With Grace

Views of Free Will in Anglo-Saxon England

Striving with Grace shows that all of these authors, despite striking differences in their sources...

Grace and Freedom

Operative Grace in the Thought of St.Thomas Aquinas, Volume 1

Grace and Freedom represents Lonergan's entry into subject matter that would occupy him throughout...