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The Last Great War

British Society and the First World War


A groundbreaking new history of the British home front during the First World War.

OUP Oxford (2014)

This new perspective on the First World War offers a concise narrative of the war in its global...

Synergy Matters

Working with Systems in the 21st Century

Springer US (2007)

The 21st century is now almost upon us and, whilst this represents a somewhat artificial boundary,...


This collection examines an aspect of Gilles Deleuze’s thought that has largely been neglected;...

Montesinos' Legacy

Defining and Defending Human Rights for Five Hundred Years


Montesinos’ Legacy brings scholars together in honor of the 500 th anniversary of Dominican...


In this book, a group of experts contribute articles covering a wide range of topics relevant to...


Biosensing Technologies in Everyday Life

Dawn Nafus, Mette Kragh-Furbo and 20 more...
The MIT Press (2016)

What is at stake socially, culturally, politically, and economically when we routinely use...

The MIT Press (2009)

Current perspectives on the Phillips curve, a core macroeconomic concept that treats the...

Animal health and welfare are of major importance in dairy farming. This collection looks at the key...