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One of the Great Correspondents of the Twentieth Century Tells Her Story

With her perfect memory (and plenty of zip), ninety-five-year-old Ruth Gruber–adventurer,...

Inside of Time

My Journey from Alaska to Israel


The unforgettable story of Ruth Gruber’s rugged travels through Alaska and years spent helping...


The Dramatic Story of 1,000 World War II Refugees and How They Came to America


Award-winning journalist Ruth Gruber’s powerful account of a top-secret mission to rescue one...


A Woman of Israel


A National Jewish Book Award–winning biography: A look at the early years of Israel’s statehood,...

Virginia Woolf

The Will to Create as a Woman


Gruber’s groundbreaking study of the work and legacy of Virginia Woolf—an enduring feminist analysis...

Ahead of Time

My Early Years as a Foreign Correspondent


The early life and trailblazing career of one of the twentieth century’s most remarkable female...

Collected Memoirs

Ahead of Time, Haven, and Inside of Time


Three poignant and powerful memoirs from the award-winning journalist, human rights advocate, and...