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In Give Peace a Chance, the distinguished Dr. Hamburg teams up with his filmmaker son to tell the...

Preventing Genocide

Practical Steps Toward Early Detection and Effective Action


Genocide has been called 'a problem from hell' and despite vehement declarations of 'never again'...


An autobiography of a ground-breaking medical doctor. Dr. David A. Hamburg started as a medical...


This book is an important contribution to the understanding of the relationship between health and...

Learning to Live Together

Preventing Hatred and Violence in Child and Adolescent Development


With a view to deepening our understanding of sources of hatred and prejudice, this book uses a...

Preparing Adolescents for the Twenty-First Century

Challenges Facing Europe and the United States


This book addresses how countries can produce well-educated, healthy, and productive youth.

Design and Operation of Heat Exchangers

Proceedings of the EUROTHERM Seminar No. 18, February 27 – March 1 1991, Hamburg, Germany


The Eurotherm Committee was created in 1986 from member countries of the European Community. It has...