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Programming for Linguists

Java Technology for Language Researchers

Wiley (2008)

Programming for Linguists: Java (TM) Technology for Language Researchers is a practical...

Programming for Linguists

Perl for Language Researchers

Wiley (2008)

This book is an introduction to the rudiments of Perl programming. It provides the general reader...

Next Steps in Teaching

A Guide to Starting your Career in the Secondary School


This guide charts the NQT's next steps in teaching from finishing a teacher training programme,...

Parenting Difficult Children

Strategies for Parents of Preschoolers to Preteens

Parenting young children is a challenge, and dealing with difficult or problem behavior can set up...

Decisive Parenting

Strategies That Work with Teenagers


Decisive Parenting is unique; there is no other book like it. Never before has a book provided such...

Big Show

British Cinema Culture in the Great War (1914-1918)


The Big Show makes a significant contribution to the history of British silent cinema and audience...


This innovative book presents for the first time detailed histories of the impact of the Great War...


This invaluable resource provides a comprehensive overview of the many methods and methodologies of...

Evocations of Eloquence

Rhetoric, Literature and Religion in Early Modern France - Essays in Honour of Peter Bayley

Peter Lang (2012)

This collection of essays by leading scholars from France, Great Britain and North America is...

The Big Show

British Cinema Culture in the Great War (1914-1918)


The Big Show looks at the role played by cinema in British cultural life during World War One....