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Waterworlds: Anthropology in Fluid Environments


Anthropology in Fluid Environments


In one form or another, water participates in the making and unmaking of people’s lives, practices,...

Kultur: Det fleksible fællesskab


Det fleksible fællesskab


Kulturbegrebet trænger sig på. Det er ikke længere forbeholdt de få at udtale sig om kultur, fordi...

Other Histories

The historization of anthropology has entailed a radically new view upon history and the nature of...

Anthropology and Nature

On the basis of empirical studies, this book explores nature as an integral part of the social...

A Passage to Anthropology: Between Experience and Theory

A Passage to Anthropology

Between Experience and Theory


The postmodernist critique of Objectivism, Realism and Essentialism has somewhat shattered the...

Social Experience and Anthropological Knowledge

Anthropology poses an explicit challenge to standard notions of scientific knowledge. It claims to...

The Social Life of Climate Change Models: Anticipating Nature

Drawing on a combination of perspectives from diverse fields, this volume offers an anthropological...

Living with Environmental Change: Waterworlds

Climate change is a lived experience of changes in the environment, often destroying conventional...

Siting Culture: The Shifting Anthropological Object

Siting Culture

The Shifting Anthropological Object


Culture has been subject to critical debate in anthropology during the past decade and this is...

Climate Change and Human Mobility: Challenges to the Social Sciences

This book examines general questions and particular cases of climate-change related mobility, and...